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Murder At The Cafe Rene!

We had a great time.
for a change
from the norm!

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James Bond “Skyfinger” Murder Mystery Musical, Bournemouth

Radisson Blu Corporate Event, Bristol

Sybil Strikes Back Extra! Extra! Latest News from BigHead Events!! The Worlds Only Murder Mystery Musicals with Live Musical Accompaniment! BigHead Events BigHead Events "James Bond" Specialists!

All About BigHead Events

We have been Murdering since 2008, and perform between 150 and 250 shows (both Public and Private) each year, nationwide.

We not only provide Classic Murder Mystery and Dinner Show Events, but we have also developed our own, totally unique format:

The Murder Mystery Musical!

Our public and corporate Murder Mystery Musical events all feature a unique mix of “Comedy, Music and Murder”, using our team of highly talented comic actors, plus our very own musicians.

We offer a very wide range of themes - including the Worlds First “Fawlty Towers” Tribute  andJames Bond” Tribute Murder-Mystery-Musicals!
(Important note - our themed shows are originally scripted by ourselves, and are unofficial but loving parodies. They are not officially endorsed by the original Copyright owner unless stated otherwise).

Our standard shows typically consist of 4 or more actors, with a keyboard player and/or drummer.

We provide our own PA, wireless (and wired) microphones, plus any necessary musical instruments and props and costumes (for the cast).

Staging is flexible, but ideally we would have a small performance space set aside for the musicians and for the actors to perform in.

For our current list of public shows, just click here:

Murder Mia! Its our Mamma Mia Theme Murder Mystery Musical The UK's Favourite Murder Mystery Events

About Our Services And Pricing

About Our Performers

Our performers are highly experienced and have been recruited either through personal contact, auditioning or by recommendation.

Our team of performers are exceptionally skilled and flexible, being highly adept at comedy, music and improvisation.  

We expect the highest standards from our performers and we pay above the market average to ensure that we have the best people on our team.

They are either Equity or Musicians Union registered.

About Our Events

Content Advice:
Our shows are intended for Adults. As such we recommend Parental Guidance for anyone under the age of 16yrs.

Whilst  our shows are great fun and highly interactive, we ask that guests respect our actors, and the fact that this is a 'live' performance, and observe normal theatre show conditions.

Whilst scenes are being performed, we kindly ask that you refrain from activities such as having personal conversations, as this may impede your (and other guests)  enjoyment of the show and understanding of the storyline.

Equipment & Props:
For some of our events, we may use electrical equipment (PA, Microphones etc.), plus musical instruments. We may also use props, costumes and other necessary items. We respectfully ask that you or your guests do not touch or interfere with our equipment in any way, unless explicitly authorised in advance by us.

Please be aware that if you, your guests or anyone associated with your party interferes with our equipment or props in any way  then you may be held liable for any subsequent costs.
We thank you in advance for your co-operation in regards to this.

Abusive Behaviour:
We will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards our performers and we reserve the right to withdraw from the performance at zero notice should this occur. In such circumstances, no refunds will be given.

Tribute Shows and Original Copyright Owners:

Our shows are intended as loving, but unofficial parodies, and as such we strongly respect the rights of creators and copyright owners.

Our shows  feature our own unique storylines, scripts and settings, and should not be confused with the original.

They are not officially endorsed by any original copyright owner, unless stated otherwise.

Public Dates