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Choosing the right entertainment for your big day
is an important decision to make.

Most of all, you want to ensure that
everyone(including YOU and your
Partner) has a great time - in fact,
the most memorable time of your lives!

That’s why we’ve devised our own, unique event:

The ‘Mamma Mia Wedding Show’ is a  
totally unique, hilariously funny
Its our own unique blend of
comedy and live music, and features
classic Abba tracks both sung AND
played live by our performers

The Mamma Mia Wedding Show!”  is
themed Wedding Entertainment with….
a difference!!!

The show is a scripted comedy,
performed by our own exclusive
team of hilariously funny comic
and Musicians and
inspired by the hit film and stage
“Mamma Mia!”

Its performed by our own exclusive
team - hand picked and all highly
experienced at making your Big Day into the party of a lifetime!

How Does It Work?

We think its worth explaining what
exactly happens!

Well, to begin with, your guests will
be able to enjoy background music
played live by our performers

Tip: Got a favourite song?
Let us know what that is and
we’ll try and include it!

Whilst this is happening, you will also get the chance to meet our
actors (in character), close up!

They will mingle with your guests, introduce themselves and (in comedy style) help to set the scene for the show.

Tip: This is a real ice-breaker. We’ve all been to events where guests don’t know each other all that well, and this can be a great way of getting to know each other better.

Lets start by introducing you to the story & characters:

The “Mamma Mia Wedding Show” is set on the (fictional) Greek Isle of ‘Fernando’s’. You join us at the wedding of ‘Mia’ and ‘Stavros’. But, this seemingly idyllic setting hides some secrets…..

Here are some of our main characters:

“Fernando” - Fernando is the smooth Greek Restaurant owner who everyone loves! Fernando’s son (Stavros)
 is getting married to Mia…or so he thinks!
“Di” - a once famous singer, she had
many hit records with her group
“Di and the Di-Namo’s” - until rivalries
and jealousies led to the band
splitting up. Its well known that Di
had many male friends…but just who
was Mia’s father????
“Mia” - She’s Di’s daughter and our
very own Bride-Zilla! She’s determined to
marry Stavros but she’s always felt let
down by men…and she’s determined to track
down her real father….at any cost!
“Chiquitita” - She is Di’s former backing singer and big love rival. Many people think she was responsible for breaking up the band, and ever since has not seen eye-to-eye with Di!
“Stavros” - He’s Fernanado’s son (and heir), and the groom-to-be. Well known for his dancing skills, and for being a romantic at heart. He’s so romantic that he’s been engaged to 12 women before…only this time, he’s finally marrying Mia….or is he?

The Main Show!

Once the actors have mingled with you and your guests, we will begin the scripted part of the show.
Tip: This could happen during
the Wedding Breakfast, or
during the evening reception -
we will agree exact timings
with you in advance.

As the story unfolds, the characters
will reveal all about their loves,
rivalries, jealousies…and any
skeletons they have in the cupboard!

There are 4 main scenes during the show - and a big, fun, audience participation segment in the middle of the show.

Scripted scenes typically last between
20 minutes and 45 minutes in length.

Tip: To ensure that things
run smoothly, we will liaise
with the staff at the venue,
or with your  nominated
event organiser. There will
also be a named event manager
or lead actor on the day from

The Big Finish!

Every great Wedding has everyone dancing….and yours will be no exception!

For our big finale, we’ll get everyone on the dance floor…boogying to some of the greatest Abba tracks.

Tip: Booking a DJ? We will liaise with them, and hand-over at this point..with all your guests on the dance floor!

What You Get:

Mamma Mia Wedding Show

 is our unique, side-splittingly funny event with live music
from our team - and is available to book right now.

To find out more about this unique event, just eMail us:

Mamma Mia Wedding Show

“Absolutely Brilliant -

I Couldn’t Have Hoped For A Better Wedding!”

Julia, Leicester