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Murder-Mystery Musical Plots & Themes


Note: Our shows are for Adults, and Parental Guidance is recommended for anyone below the age of 16yrs

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Cushty! Its our ‘Only Fools’ Tribute Murder Mystery Musical
“Rodneys Revenge”

It is the opening night of Del-Boys cafe:
"Trotters International Taverna"

And with Rodney and Uncle Albert by his side
“this time next year, we’ll all be millionaires”

But everything starts to go wrong when Boycie tries to sell a fake vase to a rival gangster.

 What's more, Del-Boys supply of "Peckham Spring Water" is mysteriously drying up!

Things then take a dramatic turn for the worse when there is a Murder at the cafe

Its down to you to  solve the crime and expose the killer in the worlds first "Only Fools" themed comedy murder mystery night with live music!


“Sybil Strikes Back” is the First “Fawlty Towers” Tribute  Murder Mystery MUSICAL!

It is the night of Basil & Sybil's 15th wedding anniversary and you have all been invited to the surprise party
organised (in secret!) by Basil.

Things quickly start to go wrong when Polly is late from her evening class, the new chef is found drunk, Manuel is asked to entertain  a party of German guests and Sybil is convinced that Basil has forgotten all about the anniversary!

Suddenly, a death occurs - and, with murder suspected, everyone finds themselves under suspicion.

The question is - who did it and why?

Find out all this and more in our TOTALLY UNIQUE  “Fawlty Towers” themed Murder-Mystery-Musical -
and you’ll be hearing Sybil, Basil, Polly and Manuel all sing in this hilarious show!


Sybil Strikes Back! The Worlds Only "Fawlty Towers" Theme Murder Mystery Musical Murder Mia

“Grievous Lightning” is our fantastic ‘50s  themed Murder-Mystery-Musical!

Our 2 young lovers are having the time of their young lives at a brand new local high school

And, when they are entered into  a dance competition, everyone expects them to win.

Surely nothing can wrong for them…or can it?

Packed with fabulous ‘50s songs, played and performed live by our talented team of actor/musicians


The Curse Of The Fallen Madonna: The Allo, Allo Theme Murder Mystery Musical

“The Curse Of The Fallen Madonna!” - We shall say this only once…its our ‘Allo, ‘Allo tribute

The staff at the Cafe Rene are finally looking forward to the end of the war!

With the British Airmen about to be rescued, the painting of the Fallen Madonna hidden out of harms way (in a booby trapped German Sausage!), and with Rene's wife, 'Madam Edith', away visiting her relatives, Rene can finally spend some time with his favourite waitress, Yvette.

But, as usual, nothing goes to plan!

The mission to rescue the British Airmen is a flop, Madam Edith arrives back unexpectedly and finds Yvette in Rene's arms and, what's more, Herr Flack announces that they are holding the annual Gestapo knees-up at the Cafe - and it is rumoured that Hitler himself will be attending!

Then, just as things don't look as if they can get any worse for Rene, a murder is revealed!

But who is the killer?

Its down to you to help solve the crime and expose the killer in this hilarious "Allo, Allo" tribute comedy murder mystery night with live music!


“Murder On The Dancefloor”are 3 unique ‘Pop’ era themed Murder-Mystery-Musicals

With more music, murder and mayhem, and with 3 delicious themes to choose from, this will be a party to die for!

Murder In The ‘70s: set in Disco era New York, when tragedy strikes the trendy Studio 69 nightclub

Murder In The '80s: Welcome to the 1980s - the era of Shoulder Pads and Mullet's! When the latest pop sensations are accused of not singing on their own records, someone looks set for a “Total Eclipse…” of the deadliest kind!


Murder In The '90s: is set in the classic BritPop period of the mid-90s. When 2 brothers from the countries biggest pop group, “Blur-Asis” fall out, someone is going to get Pulped…!


About Our Events:

Content Advice:
Our shows are intended for Adults.
As such we recommend Parental Guidance for anyone under the age of 16yrs.

Whilst  our shows are great fun and highly interactive, we ask that guests respect our actors, and the fact that this is a 'live' performance, and observe normal theatre show conditions.

Whilst scenes are being performed, we kindly ask that you refrain from activities such as having personal conversations, as this may impede your (and other guests) enjoyment of the show and
understanding of the storyline.

Equipment & Props:
For some of our events, we may use electrical equipment (PA, Microphones etc.), plus musical instruments. We may also use props, costumes and other necessary items. We respectfully ask that you or your guests do not touch or interfere with our equipment in any way, unless explicitly authorised in advance by us.

Please be aware that if you, your guests or anyone associated with your party interferes with our equipment or props in any way  then you may be held liable for any subsequent costs.We thank you in advance for your co-operation in regards to this.

Abusive Behaviour:
We will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards our performers and we reserve the right to withdraw from the performance at zero notice should this occur. In such circumstances, no refunds will be given.

Tribute Shows and Original Copyright Owners:

Our tribute shows are intended as loving, but unofficial parodies, and as such we strongly respect the rights of creators and copyright owners.

All of our shows feature our own unique storylines, scripts and settings,
 and should not be confused with any other.

They are not officially endorsed by any other copyright owner, unless stated otherwise.

Murder At Capone’s
1920s / Chicago Gangster Murder Mystery Musical

Chicago, 1929 - a time of gangsters, flapper girls…and prohibition!

Welcome to Capone’s Club, a speakeasy of ill repute run by the notorious hostess Miss Lola Capone

You are invited to the wake of Jack Teachers - the missing Whiskey Magnate who the cops have just declared DEAD!

All is going well - but things soon start to go wrong when a rival gang gate-crashes the event to get the club shutdown

Suddenly, things take a dramatic turn for the worse when a MURDER is announced…….


Murder At The Oscars
Academy Awards Themed Murder Mystery Musical

You are invited to the star studded, glittering annual Movie Awards Ceremony in beautiful downtown Hollywoodland.

Here, you will meet famous movie stars Bjorn Blond, Marlene Von Frudel-Strudel and Regina Garland as they compete with each other to take away a top prize for acting.  

But behind all the smiles, all is not as it seems - and vengeance is in the air..…


SkyFinger: The Totally Unique "James Bond / Austin Powers" Tribute Murder Mystery MUSICAL!

Things are not going well for "M": the new boss of MI5.

The world is (yet again) in crisis, and British Agent (008) has gone missing, along with a top secret gadget

What's more, there are rumours that MI5 has been infiltrated by foreign agents, and GCHQ have detected that Goldfinger's criminal gang are plotting yet another fiendish scheme

Then, out of the blue, there is a death....and murder is suspected! So, join us for the worlds FIRST “James Bond / Austin Powers” tribute Murder-Mystery-Musical, featuring some of your favourite spy theme songs!


Murder Mia

Murder Mia: The “Mamma Mia” Tribute Murder Mystery performed to the fabulous music of Abba!

You are Cordially Invited to the Wedding of  ‘Mia’ and ‘Stavros’

But Di (Mia's mother) is angry when she discovers that Mia has invited her ex boyfriends along.

Trouble is, any one of them could be Mia's father....!

So, when a murder occurs everyone finds themselves under suspicion...…

So fish out those flares, pull on those platforms, and join in the fun of our "Mamma Mia" themed murder-mystery-event, featuring your favourite Abba songs played and sung live by our talented cast of actors and musicians


“Rockee’s Horrible Homicide” is our ‘Time-Warping’ Rocky Horror Tribute

All was going well for young lovers Brad and Janet. Brad had just been promoted, and, whilst celebrating at a friends wedding, Janet had caught the brides bouquet.

It looked like her dream was finally going to come to true - she was going to marry Brad!!

Everything was looking up for them. Nothing could go wrong......Or could it?

Whilst driving back from the wedding, disaster strikes when they have a blow-out, and they find themselves asking for help at a mysterious mansion

Things really start to go wrong when they meet resident "creatures of the night" Raff-Riff and Majenta...but things go from bad to even worse not long after the mysterious Dr Frankenfarter appears.

And when a murder occurs, there is no shortage of suspects!

The question is: Who did it, and why? Find out all this and more in our unique,  totally hilarious Murder-Mystery-Musical tribute to Richard O’Briens “Rocky Horror Show”.


Comedy Murder-Mystery Events with live Music!

Put on the old “Razzle Dazzle”, with our comedy tribute to“Chicago” (the stage musical)

You are invited to a party at the notorious Chicago club run by equally notorious hostess 'Miss Roxie'

But rumour has it that Miss Roxie had something to do with the sudden "disappearance" of her husband…..

Intrigued, you attend the party. All is going well - the booze is flowing & the party is in full swing, when things take a sudden and dramatic turn for the worse

There has been another HOMICIDE in the club....!

This hilarious show features our team of actor/musicians with songs from the hit musical "Chicago"!

Note - Our shows are for adults, so parental guidance is recommended for anyone below the age of 16yrs


Chicago: The Murder Mystery Musical Manuel from Sybil Strikes Back!