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Whats Included:

Perfect for Public Events or Corporate events of 25+ Guests,
“Murder At Marple Manor” is a fun filled 1920s Themed comedy Murder-Mystery Event,
written especially to be performed over Afternoon Tea (an Evening Meal Option is also available)

Ideal for Public Shows or larger (25+ Guests) Corporate/Private Parties,
this is the most murderously funny way to spend an Afternoon!

Murder Mystery Musicals including songs played and sung live!

Murder At ‘Marple Manor’

It is 1926, and you are invited to the 21st birthday tea party of Margot Escargot,
the famous flapper and socialite.


Intrigued, you attend, and with a

Hollywood Director, a famous actor,
an infamous Spiritualist and Medium
and a wealthy flapper all attending,
surely nothing can go wrong?

But the police have warned
that there are deadly con-artists
operating in the area….

Suddenly, a murder is announced,
but you can solve the crime before
the killer strikes again?

Join us in our comedy 1920s themed
Murder Mystery Event

“Murder At Marple Manor”

To enquire,  email us at the address below.
Please include the date, location and guest numbers,
and we’ll get ASAP with a definite quote!

Murder At Marple Manor
Public Murder Mystery Event Perfect for Afternoon Tea

"Thank you for a superb piece of
entertainment which
everyone enjoyed

Sgts Mess, RAF Fylingdales

Its Useful To Know That…..

About Our Events:

Content Advice:
Our shows are intended for Adults. As such we recommend Parental Guidance
for anyone under the age of 16yrs

On The Night:
We want you and your guests to have a great night with us, and the more you (and your guests)"buy in" to the show and positively engage with the performer/s,
the more you will get out of it.

At times the performers may circulate amongst your guests,
this provides opportunities for you to question them in character and may help
you to guess who "did it" and "why"!

Additionally, there will be clues, hints and plot points contained within the dialogue,
and it's up to you track down the murderer, so we do ask that guests refrain
from having personal conversations and using mobile phones
during the performance times, as this can be very distracting and
could result in guests missing out on some of the fun.

Abusive Behaviour:
We will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards our performers and we reserve the right to withdraw from the performance at zero notice should this occur.
In such circumstances, no refunds will be given.

Tribute Shows and Original Copyright Owners:

Our shows are intended as loving, but unofficial parodies, and as such we strongly respect the rights of creators and copyright owners.

Our shows  feature our own unique storylines, scripts and settings, and should not be confused with the original.

They are not officially endorsed by any original copyright owner, unless stated otherwise.

Locations Include